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Q. Are JENEEVA ads really free?

A. Yes all ads that fall within the main headings and their associated sub-categories are free. 

To check if your business falls within the JENNEVA free advert remit, please refer to the categories and sub categories.

If a local business wants to place an ad that does not fall within the main headings and associated sub-categories, a request should be made by email  using the contact form.

Q. Can any business/enterprise apply to advertise on the JENEEVA site?

A. No. JENEEVA will only agree to paid adverts from companies/organisations that either directly or indirectly supports or enables businesses to operate effectively. Such organisations might be accountancy/tax services, delivery companies, or legal services etc. If you are not sure please contact us.

Q. How does JENEEVA make a profit?

A. JENEEVA is a not-for-profit organisation. We operate on voluntary donations and revenue from paid adverts.

Q. If I don’t feel confident enough to upload an ad, will someone from the JENEEVA administration Team upload it on my behalf?

A. Yes. Although we would encourage you to upload your own advert, we can upload an advert on your behalf for some JENEEVA users. We can however only commit to doing this for small numbers of individuals. To have an advert uploaded for you by the JENEEVA administration team, email us using the contact form


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About Jeneeva

JENEEVA is a free web-based listing service that has 3 primary aims, all equally important, that together creates a unique engagement platform that will have relevance to most of us.

The first aim is to promote the support for local businesses showcasing their unique and free digital snapshot of what they do, how to contact them and where to find them. This improved visabiity lends itself to business owners engaging with existing/new customers to developing their customer base. There is also a launch-pad section for start-ups to give some of the most vulnerable business entities a chance to be noticed and hopefully become established within the local business community.

The second aim is to offer a similar service to community groups/projects/local charities, educational organisations. Building resilient communities includes the provision of a range of services for individuals in need. Community groups can support individuals facing financial difficulties, or those might be socially isolated. There are individuals that would like to support local community groups, but relatively few of us know of the existence or how they support people. The JENEEVA platform allows community groups/projects to showcase their unique contribution to our community and in so doing attract increased awareness and hopefully support/donations from the community they support.

Building resilient communities can also include supporting the development of a workforce with a range of essential knowledge, qualifications, skills and experience to increase their employment prospects. It is also envisaged that educational organisations can use the JENEEVA platform to showcase examples of alliances with local enterprise and/or community groups to develop new and innovative goods and services or public health initiatives.

Building resilient communities also includes developing the infrastructure to promote and deliver services aimed at promoting/sustaining the health and wellbeing of it’s population. The Health & Wellbeing section is designed to for this purpose and is open to organisations that deliver health & wellbeing services that are free at the point of use such as NHS services, G.P. services, public health departments and charities.

The third aim is to encourage individuals/small residents groups to share the issues facing their community, issues that are of concern to them or those that represent a significant improvement to them. There is a section within the community groups/projects dedicated to individuals/small residents groups to post ads of upcoming meetings or events.


The end result is an engagement platform for us all.

Click here to view the Terms of Use 

Click here to view the Privacy Policy 

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Get involved


Welcome to the get involved section, which will give you some ideas about how you can support your local community.


1. If you use a local business such as a café, restaurant, clothes store, community group or charity that you rate highly, simply download and print the JENEEVA flyer and hand it to them. Click here to view/download the JENEEVA flyer

2. If you see a JENEEVA ad that inspires you, share it with your friends via email, facebook and/or twitter.

3. If you run a residents group/local action group aimed at preserving or improving your community please upload a JENEEVA ad under the community – residents/local action section. Share your uploaded ad via email/social media to those in your neighbourhood. 

4. Please feel free to email me to share the work your residents/local action might be involved in. Use the contact page to provide your thoughts and inspiration.

5. Tell your friends and family about JENEEVA 


These 5 simple ways to get involved will all help our small, but committed team to promote local businesses and community groups/projects/initiatives that are important to you.


Thank you.

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